Our Story

Mercabows was established in July 2020 and inspired by Lyla Grace, who was born in April during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. 

As a second time mom, but first time GIRL-mom, owner, Alexandra Mercado, dove right into buying every hair accessory under the sun when she found out she would be having a baby girl. New to this "accessory world," she found that not only did each individual headband add up in price rather quickly but that some were floppy, and at times lop-sided, and therefore not meeting her expectations. Being an elementary first grade teacher forces one to get crafty and creative on a tight budget, so "Mercaboss-Mom" got to work. 

Creating handmade statement pieces quickly became a hobby which sparked interest from lifelong friends. Between naptime and bedtime, from Instagram to pop-up-shops, MERCABOWS officially launched a website, making it an easy and organized way to showcase and sell the many high-quality, handmade accessories offered.